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Sunday, 08 June 2008 00:44



This section is the basis of this website. I want expat's to contribute "their or family members" stories and experiances in Venezuela. If you have a family member, friend or you simply have great stories of your experiances in Venezuela ... I want them. If you have family member that you want to "immortalize" ... this is the place. Contact me and TOGETHER we will work on the web page dedicated to your family member.

Again I want your experiances in Venezuela ... happy, sad or just a thought. It does not have to be 500, 1000 words ... it can be as simple as a 50 word story of your experiance. What ever you feel ... I want your experiance or your family's story.

So having said that don't think about it to much ... just contact me so we can start your page and let's share it with the world. - James



- James L Migues
- Gerry Michielsen
- Dorian Dyer
- Jorge M. Gonzalez



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